Envisioning Myself in 2026.

For starters, this might be the lamest blog post you’ll ever see in this blog(???).
This might be the ONLY blog post on this blog of mine, but we’ll see. (because I prefer Tumblr [sorry, WordPress people])

And writing for acads is always never lovely.

Kidding aside, it can be pretty hard to write this post because…

  1. It is freaking cold here in ICS.
  2. People are currently writing their posts as well (most of them with the highest brand of language, ahem ahem).
  3. Writing about your possible future can be a huge deal, and most likely cannot be made in the span of (wait, what time is it? Time check: 5:17 pm.)

Okay, I’m gonna keep this as informal as I can.
Baka sabihin ng prof ko na sobrang hugot lang ang nakalagay dito. Peace 😛

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
– 1984, George Orwell

Heh, what a nice introductory quote, eh?

Basically, that’s what’s going to be my future about.

I would always remember the past, for it has been and always will be, the greatest teacher of this damned life.

Living a life of broken hearts, severed ties, and shattered soul(s); “life” has never been so easy to me. Well, having these obstacles (and some being barriers), are somewhat advantageous to the “completion” of one’s sense of self.

Let’s Keep it Real.

Well, as a foresight, I would probably be still studying after ten years. *insert chants of Summa-sampung taon! here*
Studying for medicine, biches (oh yeah.)!

Here’s a picture of a fabulous man for emphasis.

Before my DevCom people starts to boo me and cry tears (of joy. Kidding), it has been the plan from the start. I would finish my DevCom degree, and get enough units to study for Med School, then ta-da! After a lot of years, I would be a full-fledged doctor!!!!

Heh. You might start to think that this post will be full of senseless pictures.

Yeah, there’s more. That’s just one of the roads that I might take.

I’m a jack of all trades. But a master of nothing.


It’s not fun.

Having no choice in life at all sucks.

Well, right now, I’m studying to pursue a degree in Development Communication in University of the Philippines-Los Baños (wink wink). Yeah, I’m liking the whole thing, its goals, the whole philanthropic cause, the selfless and “communication with a heart” concept.

But I want also to be a doctor. A psychiatrist. (Although psychiatry-toxicology specialists still boggle me so much). Perhaps it’s the whole “I am selfless” kind of thing that’s happening in my life.
Helping people to strive and work hard to grasp that lifeline is a great relief in my life (and my many lives to come. hehe)

I also want to be a filmmaker. And an author. And a game developer. And a singer. And an actor. And a “true” philosopher. And a teacher, etc.

So yeah. Anong konek?


Yes. My distant future.

Career-wise though.

But on the other aspects of life (social, emotional, financial what-nots), I think I’ll do okay.

  • Baka, bilyonaryo na ako. Kumikita na ako sa networking dahil natukso ako sa teacher ko nung high school isang kakilala ko dito sa Elbi…

    Just Leo being Leo. (Might be me soon.)
  • Siguro, baka i-invite ako ng alma mater ko nung high school at gawin akong guest speaker for being “too awesome to handle.”
  • Maaaring happily in love ako pagdating ng 2026, but she’s happily in love with another. (awwwwwww)
  • As a projection, baka maka-landi ako ng dalawa… (ooohh, loyal bruh.) [A good reason to go back to this site.]
  • Or baka ikasal na ako…



“The possibilities are endless.”
– Great Master Yogiiee


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