2017 Entry #2: Of Tired Journeys

11/02/17 23:12

Last night, I found it hard to sleep. At first, I thought maybe my pillow was not warm enough to suit with the cold wind brushing my skin or my blanket was not big enough to cover my body; but I realized as I try to close my eyes that it was because I was thinking about you (well, both of you) over and over again.

“Are they doing okay?”, I thought.

So I turned my pillow over and over again, trying not to make not that much movement so as to not awaken my sleeping roommate, still the thought of you still disturbed my mind. I know that you are okay, you always are, and that is what I like about you in the first place (along with a lot of other reasons, of course you know that).

Then I saw you earlier. Basically I was excited to see you happy, for me to be greeted with your toothy grin; well, Fate has took another course, I guess. On that moment, I know that you are happy, I always have that feeling.

If you are happy, then I am happy too. I hope you know that.

But, one cannot just look away from the tiredness of your eyes, your pale lips (they have always been pale, I put too much effort to look at you once in a while), and your restless expressions. I know, you are tired…

…and I wish I could take your exhaustion away. I always hope that I can.

If I could just hug you and give you enough energy, I would.

I am writing this, because I know that you are currently on your way home, the first time in a month. I wish you a safe trip (maybe by the time I post this, you are just cuddling your pillow in your bed, dreaming about something that I will not know).

If you are not tired from everything else, I hope that we can talk soon. Valentine’s Day is just a few days away, the semester’s end is a long way to go, and I think that we cannot both function to our 100% with the thought of us being too toxic for each other bothering us.

Let us talk, okay? Whenever, wherever, (probably) my treat.


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