Waking up from a good night sleep.

I was not really a huge fan of sleep. As someone who mostly spends his days looking at a screen or talking to people (which is exhausting at most), I may have seen sleeping as a filler on our lives. A phase of inactivity, resting our tired bodies.

I never knew that sleep could be this good.

I never knew that sleep could be this good until I have slept with a few people. Just sleep, no traces of sex and maybe (a few) traces of alcohol.

Most of the people I’ve slept with are girls (if not all). First, I thought, “Damn, this can be pretty awkward”, but thinking about how my relationship with these people led me into not giving any unnecessary attention to it at all.

Sleeping with another person is a weird feeling at first–or maybe it is just me–knowing that I am in constant deprivation of physicality (just physicality, not being naughty or what).

Human heat is a fucking blessing. The familiar warmth of another person (regardless of who’s the person) makes you want to stay there forever. It really makes you want to cuddle the person you’re with (if s/he would let you), maybe a hug from behind.

My moments with different people with just sleeping made me realize that sleeping with someone is intimate at most. There are times that I slept with that I’ll just wake up looking at their fluttering eyes with a slight hint of smile on their faces. Sometimes it makes me wonder, “What are they dreaming of?”.

I remember one of the times when the person I like and I slept on the same bed. It was not romantic at most, it was just peaceful. Seeing the one you love sleeping in tranquility, beside you, your faces inches away from each other, damn, now that is a good feeling.

(I may or may not have written that last paragraph in the most romantic way I possibly can.)

Also, waking up with someone beside you is also one of the best feelings ever! As I said earlier, human heat is a blessing; knowing that another person just slept beside you, warm and breathing, makes everything worthwhile (regardless of how warm or cold it is).

Not just that(!), but also if you are the first person that they see when they open their eyes? (Okay, I’m being too romantic, but you see my point? It’s good.)

In conclusion, sleeping with someone is one of the best things ever, it can also give you a good night sleep. Sadly, if you do not have someone to sleep with, there will come a time that you will crave for a familiar warm spot in your bed and that is going to be sad as you try to remember the times that there is someone beside you.

Goodness, how I want to sleep with someone right now. It is so damn cold here.



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